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Wilmington Dental Arts

Year End

As we approach the end of 2019, it is important to consider any remaining insurance benefits you may have.  Maybe you have been waiting to crown a tooth or you are in need of a new night guard.  Even if you just have a few fillings to take care of, now is the time.  Using up this year’s benefit helps in several ways: you may have already met this year’s deductible, you may end up needing all of your benefits next year toward a dental emergency, maybe you are retiring next year and will no longer have dental coverage.  Whatever the reason, we encourage you to see us now and start 2020 with a healthy mouth. 

Call us now at 937-382-2042


Come out to Denver park Saturday at 9:50 to watch Dr Brooke throw the opening pitch.  We would like to take this time to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a mouth guard while playing sports.  Even though baseball is a low collision sport, a stray ball can cause severe damage to teeth.  A well fitting mouth guard can help protect the player’s smile.  If you would like a custom made mouth guard call Wilmington Dental Arts at 937-382-2042

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Family care.

Daphne checking Dr. Levi’s ( her papa’s ) teeth for cavities.


City of Wilmington recognized in ADA News


Bicycle Rodeo

Thanks to all the supporters and family members who came out to the Kiwanis bike rodeo this past weekend.  It was a wonderful opportunity for families to practice bicycle safety and pick up a helmet to protect those that matter most.



Community Water Fluoridation


Attention dental applicants.

As our long time secretary and her husband retire to Tennessee, our office will be seeking to replace her. The ideal applicant would have experience answering calls and scheduling patients. Our office uses Patterson Eaglesoft practice management software. Knowledge of this system would be ideal along with knowledge of entering insurance payments and collections. If interested send resume to [email protected]

Great continuing education with UBC!

20160219_170346We have had the pleasure of spending several days expanding our knowledge of restorative materials with the intelligent staff of the University of British Columbia. It has been a wonderful experience.

Halloween Quality Control


While passing out candy and toothbrushes for Halloween,  these three toothbrushes were held back by our quality control inspecting little flower.