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Wilmington Dental Arts

Halloween Quality Control


While passing out candy and toothbrushes for Halloween,  these three toothbrushes were held back by our quality control inspecting little flower.


Extended Dental Hours

Wilmington Dental Arts is happy to announce extended hours. We are now offering extended hours for patients who are unable to make it in during regular times. On Tuesdays, our hours will now be 8-6 and Thursdays we will start early at 7 am. First Fridays of the month 8-3. We want it to be convenient for patients to come see us before or after work so they can keep a healthy smile. If work hours have been holding you back from a dental appointment please schedule today at 937-383-1913. Our daily hours are Monday 8-5, Tuesday 8-6, Last three Wednesdays of the month 8-5, Thursdays 7-4, and the first Friday of the month 8-3. WilmingtonDentalArts.com. 819 West Main Street, Wilmington, Ohio 45177.

Full Time Hygiene Position Available

Wilmington Dental Arts is looking for a full time hygienist to join our team.  Those interested in the position can send a resume to [email protected] or drop off a resume to the office at 819 W Main Street, Wilmington Ohio 45177.  

Are you leaving your insurance benefits unused?

2014 is quickly coming to a close. Many insurance companies set January 1st as the renewal date for benefits.  Once the year rolls over into 2015 any unused benefit from 2014 expires and the services you could have gained from that benefit are gone forever. So if you’ve been putting off a cleaning or a crown, now is the time to use your 2014 benefit.  Take advantage of what is owed to you and schedule today.

We’ve Expanded by Two Feet

Dr’s Brooke and Levi are happy to announce the birth of their daughter.  It’s a joy to share the news of our expanding family with our dental families.  If you and your family are looking for a dental home we would be so happy to welcome you into ours.  Call today to set up an appointment 937 383 1913.

Breast cancer and oral hygiene

As we leave October behind and head into the busy holiday season, our office would like to leave everyone with one last informational post about breast cancer.  New studies suggest that individuals with missing teeth or periodontal disease are 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer. The study “Periodontal disease may associate with breast cancer” was carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Periodontal disease can be prevented by simply flossing and brushing.  For individuals with a family history of breast cancer, great oral hygiene could go a long way towards the prevention of developing cancer.  Individuals who suffered themselves or had a mother or father battle breast cancer, the importance of instilling great oral hygiene techniques in your children cannot be stressed enough.

For those individuals who are currently battling breast cancer, oral hygiene becomes imperative. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can suppress white blood cells which normally function to prevent the spread of infection.  A decayed or infected tooth would be better removed before the start of such therapies so the bacterial infection in the teeth doesn’t spread causing severe complications.  Chemotherapy can also have an effect on saliva production leading to dry mouth.  With less saliva to wash them away food particles stay in the oral environment longer . The longer contact time allows the oral bacteria to convert the sugars in food into acids which will cause decalcification and increase the decay of the teeth. Saliva substitutes and high dose fluoride tooth paste or rinses can help to combat the effects of decreased saliva production.  While you are fighting the battle we are here to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile.  We want to help make your smile strong and healthy like the survivor you are.



The number one thing you can do to live longer.

This wonderful article below from the Chicago Tribune  lists 10 things you can do to live longer. Listed number one on this list is flossing.  It highlights just a few of the areas where caring for your mouth has an impact on whole body health.

Ten things you can do right now to live longer

For more on the top excuses for not flossing and how to conquer them see this article posted on WebMD.

Top Excuses for Not Flossing & How to Conquer Them 

If you’re unsure how to properly floss schedule a cleaning with our caring hygienists Heidi and Paige and they will be happy to give you a demonstration on the proper technique.

Our New Blog!

Our blog has recently been set up. Please check back soon!